Fyrndell is a fantasy world that I created many years ago that encompasses all of my favorite aspects of fantasy and allows room for the exploration and discovery of themes and issues that I feel deserve to have light shined upon.  As a gamer, avid reader, and lifelong fan of fantasy and scifi, I’ve had influences and inspiration from countless sources.  The creation and growth of Fyrndell is a continuing process that I hope to explore throughout my life and present to possible readers so they may join me for the journey.

If I were asked to put Fyrndell into a more specific fantasy genre, I’d say I’m aiming for it and its stories to be, generally, part of a realistic, gritty, and dark fantasy world.  There’s magic in Fyrndell, and mythical beasts, and the (possible) presence of gods and deities and the entire gamut of what you’d expect from a fantasy world, but I hope to write its stories in ways that are relatable by modern day audiences.  For example, one of the overarching themes of my works thus far have been in regards to religion and the way people react to strict dogma, as well as the moral and ethical questions raised by blindly following a leader or choosing to decide for oneself what course of action to take.

What I hope to accomplish with Fyrndell and works based in such a world is to, most importantly, give my readers a great, fascinating story with characters they can feel for and root for or against, and transport them into the world with such immersion that they don’t want to leave until the story’s over.  On top of that, I want to better readers’ lives by touching upon issues they may have in their personal lives, and helping others relate to those issues by touching upon them in a fantasy setting.  That’s not to say I’m going to be preaching through my work – I’m not, and never would – but I do love giving readers the option of thinking, “What would do in this character’s situation?”  To me, that’s one of the greatest joys in reading.

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